August 13, 2009

Obama Lies Making Doctors Mad

Just a couple of weeks ago Barack Obama got himself into hot water with cops across the country by saying that Officer Crowley "acted stupidly." Then a couple of days, he managed to get under the skin of postal workers by pointing out the failures of the Post Office while extolling the performance of UPS and FedEx. Now he's got surgeons angry by lying about them again.

Obama really is beginning to sound like a younger Biden with a better tan every time he speaks without a TelePrompter. He desperately needs to have doctors onboard if he's going to sell the American public his socialized medicine, but he just can't seem to stop insulting them at every turn. First, he claimed that doctors were taking out kids' tonsils purely because it paid better than treating them for allergies. Now he's claiming that surgeons are amputating feet because they're getting tens of thousands of dollars to perform the procedure.

Marc Ambinder calls the press release "amusing," but I really fail to see how it is. It's not amusing that Obama can't stop lying, and it's not amusing that the surgeons are rightfully angry about being accused of what is, in essence, gross malpractice and general inhumanity. Perhaps Marc can explain what he finds so funny...

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