August 11, 2009

AstroTurfing Accusations Just Make People Angrier

As soon as Nancy Pelosi and her minions started rolling out the latest Democratic talking points about how the TEA Partiers were AstroTurfed crowds who only showed up at the behest of the Republican Party and insurance companies, I knew that it was bound to backfire. Instead of intimidating people into staying away from townhall meetings, such accusations are only redoubling their determination.

Because Leftists are only capable of producing crowds at protests by paying them to attend, they are incapable of understanding that it is possible for a true grassroots effort to exist without corporate and political sponsorship. Having attended a TEA Party myself, I can tell you that not one of those in attendance was paid to be there, they are better informed on the issues than the congressmen they are confronting, and that they are genuinely angry about where Barack Obama and his Democratic allies are taking this country. Just listen to Leah from New Hampshire who called into C-SPAN:

The Democratic arrogance and dismissive attitude toward to their constituents has opened Pandora's Box. And like Pandora, they are going to be extremely sorry they did.

(H/T Smitty @ The Other McCain)

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