August 12, 2009

Obama Can't Find Any Grassroots, Decides to Bus Them In

In response to the grassroots TEA parties that have sprung up around the country, Barack Obama has decided to do a series of townhall meetings where he takes supposedly random questions from the audience about ObamaCare. One problem: he can't find enough supporters of ObamaCare to fill a townhall, so he has to bus them in.

This has become such a debacle for Democrats that Obama's people actually had to plant a 11-year old girl to ask him a question about the "mean signs" that TEA Partiers are holding outside in protest - a little girl who just happens to be the child of one of the organizers from Obama's campaign after Obama. Purely coincidence. Your president wouldn't lie to you, would he?

TEA Partiers should take comfort that they have both Obama and the Democratic Party scrambling. First it was the accusations of AstroTurfing. Then it was the ridiculous swastika business. And now they're reducing to planting young children at Obama's propaganda events.

And still the poll numbers for ObamaCare keep dropping.

If it weren't such a serious subject, it would definitely be worth a big belly-laugh.

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