August 11, 2009

SEIU Caught Being Un-American

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi and her houseboy, Steny Hoyer, declared that attempting to "drown out" opposing viewpoints was un-American. Their position was that TEA Partiers weren't there to call their congressmen to account for their attempt to jam ObamaCare down our collective throats: it was simply to drown out any attempt at health care reform at all. So they called out their SEIU union thug buddies to make sure the TEA Partiers knew their place.

But Mary Katharine Ham has now busted SEIU specifically calling for their members to drown out the opposition - which, as their members, seem to be interpreting it involves blasting them at close range with bullhorns and physically assaulting them.

So we should expect to hear Pelosi and Hoyer denouncing the SEIU any minute now. Right?

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