August 10, 2009

Hillary Clinton Loses It

A translated question from a Congolese student got Hillary Clinton hot under the collar when she thought he asked what Bill Clinton thought about a Chinese trade deal. Her response? "

"My husband is not secretary of state, I am," she replied. "If you want
my opinion I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channeling
my husband."
On one hand, I can appreciate that she's perturbed that she's played third fiddle behind both her husband and Barack Obama. I have no doubt that every day she shows up for work as Secretary of State rather than President is like walking into a bad dream from which she just can't seem to awaken. The evidence that she is living her own personal nightmare is written all over her face and in her demeanor as she answers the question. She's looking worn-down and tired: a far cry from the vibrancy she displayed on the campaign trail last year.

On the other hand, she IS the Secretary of State and her JOB is to be diplomatic. I may not be the world's foremost expert on diplomatic niceties, but I'm pretty sure losing your stuff on some student isn't part of the job description. If she can't keep herself under control, then perhaps it's time to return to the Senate where being a Democrat who screams at the "little people" is pretty much par for the course. So much for that Obama "smart diplomacy," huh?

The schadenfreude is delicious, but it gets even better. It turns out that the translator screwed up, and the student wasn't asking about Bill Clinton at all. He was asking what Barack Obama thought. So her answer about "channeling her husband" must certainly have caused quite a bit of confusion when she referred to Obama as "her husband."

In the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy: I don't care who you are: that's funny.

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