August 12, 2009

So THIS Is What They Meant By Stimulus

They're just handing out free money for people on welfare in New York.

Silly me. I thought the "stimulus bill" was meant to actually put people back to work or keep them from losing their jobs. Giving people money to keep NOT working is so much more obviously sound economics that it's a wonder no one thought of it sooner.

That's $140 million of your hard-earned money neither you nor your children will ever see again. Are you feeling stimulated yet?

P.S. On a side note, you know the Democrats are having serious PR issues when they have to resort to just straight handing out money to keep their supporters on board. Usually just a few empty platitudes and lip service will do, but Democrats recognize the hole they're digging and they're bound and determined to use your tax dollars to fill it in behind them.

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