August 10, 2009

CNN 'Reliable Sources' Not So Reliable

CNN's Reliable Sources had ABC's Obama mouthpiece turned White House Obama mouthpiece, Linda Douglass, on to discuss the Naked Emperor News YouTube video compilation of Obama repeatedly stated desire for single-payer healthcare.

Fair enough. But only if CNN had actually bothered to actually show the damning portions of the video where Barack Obama actually said over and over again that he wanted single-payer healthcare. Instead, they picked out one of the most innocuous portions possible, and then brought Douglass on to say how they were "out of context."

Since CNN won't actually show you the full NEN video so you can decide for yourself if they were taken out of context, I will:

Do you still think Obama was "taken out of context"? Or do you think CNN took the "Reliable" out of "Reliable Sources"?