August 11, 2009

On the Wrong Side of the Racial Divide

Michael Lind published a piece asking "Are Liberals Seceding From Sanity?" in which he argues for the "big tent" approach to the Democratic Party. His argument, naturally, is pure condescension to Southerners who are simply the products of having been economically repressed and so woefully uneducated for so many years. They couldn't possibly hold conservative beliefs because they are worthy of being held: no, they are simply misinformed because those dumb folks don't know any better.

In the course of chastising his fellow liberals for mocking and abusing Southerners, Lind commits his own sins. But I will, at least grant that - unlike his liberal brethren - he doesn't descend into the usual "they're just a bunch of Nazis" trashtalk. But even that's not what's significant about Lind's piece. What's most striking is how he points out over and over again how the socially conservative attitudes and beliefs of Southerners are so very similar to those held by blacks and Latinos.

Yet the Leftist punditry never criticizes blacks and Latinos for being pro-Life or anti-illegal immigrant. And if they ever did, they certainly wouldn't ascribe those beliefs to the evil and racism they ascribe to Southerners. Why? Because blacks and Latinos are on the politically correct side of the racial divide in this country.

For all the claims of tolerance and equality that the Left puts forth, they are neither tolerant and they do not truly believe in equality. Look at the arguments that Lind puts forth for why Southerners believe the things they do: they're just dumb folks who don't know any better. So, by corollary, he is also saying the same about blacks and latinos. The difference is that it's OK to call a white man evil and racist, but political correctness doesn't allow the same outrageous demonization of minorities.

Besides, it's not their fault that they share the same beliefs. Unlike the white man who is evidently fully responsible for his own beliefs, minorities cannot be held to the same standards. Evidently, they're just not capable of being enlightened the way that white men can be with the right effort. Just try to square that assertion with the belief that "all men are created equal" and that a man should be judged on the "content of his character, and not the color of his skin." Go ahead. I dare you.

The truth is that Leftists will tolerate pretty much any belief from the minority community so long as they continue to vote "properly." We've seen what they really think of minorities every time one of them "gets off the plantation." Just ask Clarence Thomas, Condeleeza Rice, Thomas Sowell, or any number of other minority conservatives how tolerant and open-minded Leftists really are.

As soon as a minority expresses a non-Leftist thought, all those racial epithets which were supposedly off-limits suddenly become socially acceptable once again: so long as you direct them at the right people, of course. The excuses vary, but the reality is that the racial animus (and anti-Semitism) is never far from boiling to the surface. It only takes the slightest provocation to bring it out, as they have proven time and time again.

Leftists view themselves as benevolent caretakers of minorities: not as their equals. Just let the liberal elitists tell you brown people what to think and when to think it. They'll tell you what causes to take to the streets for and which ones are simply "taken out of context." You brownies just aren't smart enough to think for yourselves, so turn over your free will to the current group of Leftists in charge. Free will is intolerable in a minority. It must be crushed through swift and immediate ridicule and scorn lest other minorities get the idea that it is acceptable to hold an unsanctioned, independent belief.

For the Left the world is quite clear. If you don't agree with them and you are white, then you are an evil racist. If you don't agree with them and you are a minority, then you are a race traitor or even worse. But if you're a minority and are willing to vote for their latest socialist endeavor, then you get a nice pat on the head and a condescending smile...just like the family dog who sits up and begs when offered a treat.

Personally, I'd rather you hated me to my face than treated me like a pet. At least when you hate me, you are forced to acknowledge the free will I have exercised as a fellow human being. If I allow you to treat me as your pet, then I am denying my own humanity. So, to all minorities across the country, I ask: are you a free-thinking human being or are you happy being a Leftist lapdog?

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