August 13, 2009

On Greenhouses and Plants in New Hampshire

After reading the latest updates on the fake doctor at Sheila Jackson Lee's "townhall," I was directed to an article at the Lone Star Times website that covers much of the same ground. What caught my eye was this comment on that article:

I live in new Hampshire and was particularily interested in seeing how well Obama’s staged “town hall” meeting held in Portsmouth, NH, resonated with “Granite Staters”. The wife and I were watching the local news last night and of course, the lead story was the “town hall” meeting. The video clip included a woman who was identified by name and her home town. She had been invited to stand at the podium and provide a short statement as to why she supports Obamacare.

The lady stated, “I have hepatitis-C and I am UNABLE to get healthcare”. Well…that was a lie. And how do I know this? My wife, who is a nurse practitioner, happens to be her primary health care provider!! The woman is enrolled in a health care plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield!

Of course, it would be a HIPPA violation to release this information to the press, so she…and the Obama administration…will get away with this bold faced LIE!!!!!

I also hadn't heard this particular nickname for these phony townhall meetings, but I like it: They aren't "townhalls any more: they're "Greenhouses"...because there are so many plants.

I think I'm going to appropriate it for myself. Feel free to pass it around amongst yourselves.

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