August 12, 2009

Is There Anybody NOT Connected to Obama In Favor of ObamaCare?

Yet another townhall meeting. Yet another phony "random audience member."

I'm not even keeping up with all the planted questioners at all the townhalls that Democrats are holding across the country, yet my blogging seems to be becoming one long string of revealing plant after plant at these meetings.

This time it's Sheila Jackson Lee with a student at the university where her husband works who also just happened to have been a Texas delegate for Obama. What are the odds that so many people with ties to Obama's 2008 campaign just happened to be called upon at the townhall meetings and manage to get coverage from the mainstream media?

I'm really beginning to believe that there isn't a single soul who isn't connected to Obama that actually supports his plan for socialized medicine. If there's such a demand for his plan, then why do the Democrats have to keep stacking the audiences with members of his campaign and union thugs?

The Democratic flop sweat is really beginning to show. They're losing ground so quickly that they're getting desperate and sloppy. Keep it up America, they're on the run.

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